Medical Marijuana Doctor Recommendations

Medical marijuana doctors are the first step into the world of legalized cannabis, and with 20+ doctor’s offices to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s close to you.

What to Expect

Medical Marijuana Doctor’s offices are setup just like you’d expect from any other doctor. Upon arrival you’ll fill out your information, and explain why you’re a candidate for medical marijuana. Then you’ll be off to talk to the doctor, and after a routine physical exam, your doctor will go over your treatment options.

MMJ Doctors Costs

Cost will vary depending on your previous records, and if you have state assistance from the SNAP program.

Where To Find a MMJ Doctor

Checkout our directory of San Diego medical marijuana doctors where you can search by your area of town, or by clicking the pins on our map.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

With the emergence medical marijuana legalization, the advent of medical marijuana delivery services weren’t far behind. If you’re not able, or would rather avoid the hassle of visiting a cannabis dispensary yourself, delivery might be the way to go!

Before You Contact a San Diego MMJ Delivery Service

Before you get started ordering from a San Diego medical marijuana delivery service, you’ll need to have your California Medical Marijuana Card, and get yourself registered with their system and verify your patient information. Once you are verified you can usually place an order online or over the phone, give it about 30 minutes, and voila, your meds are at your door. No mess, no fuss.

Phoenix MMJ Delivery Costs

Delivery is going to cost a bit more, depending on the standard delivery fee of the particular delivery service. Sometimes that is just literally the price you have to pay to have someone drop your meds off to you.

Where To Find a Phoenix MMJ Delivery Service

There are delivery services all over Southern California, so we’re sure you’ll find one that’s close to you to make your experience even more convenient. Head over to our directory of San Diego medical marijuana delivery services to search your area of town, or to find the specific business you’re looking for.

Weedly Phoenix Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Weedly knows weed, and we know the dispensaries that have the best and most consistently quality strains on their shelves all over the San Diego area. We’ll also let you in on which ones have point reward systems, referral programs, and vendors that stop by to do raffles for FREE medication or gear 😀

Before You Visit A San Diego Dispensary

Be sure to look online at a dispensaries menu and product availability, and some will even have online ordering. Most will have this information updated, but for those that have quickly changing product offerings, it’s best to call before you make the trip.

What To Expect At A San Diego Dispensary

Most have a clean waiting room and a short wait thankfully. Some will have better products and displays than others along with different gear and things of that sort. But you can always assure to have a pleasant interaction with the budtenders as they put the patients first and make sure they’re getting the correct meds for their ailment

Where To Look For a San Diego Dispensary

Checkout our directory of San Diego medical marijuana dispensaries to search your area of town, or to find the specific business you’re looking for.